Nanovib purpose pick

45% less vibration thanks to Nanovib patented system

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Nanovib purpose pick Nanovib purpose pick Nanovib purpose pick Nanovib purpose pick Nanovib purpose pick
- 45%

Prevention of risks

Reduction of vibration

  • Nanovib® handle, absorbs vibration, reduces MSD ( Musculo-Skeletal Disorders)
  • Nanovib® pick  obtains an Exposure to vibration threshold measure  of vibration of less than  2.5 m/s².

Prevention of risk of accident

Heavy duty Nanovib® bi-material handle :

  • prevents risks of user falling due to loss of balance caused by handle breaking
  • prevents risks of injuries which may be caused by the head of the tool hitting the user or those around if the handle breaks

Flush socket sleeve fitting, protects handle end from breaking due to mis-hits.

Information Nanovib purpose pick


  • Extra-hard cruciform tip, steel hardened to the core during heat treatment
  • High resistance hardened steel to  100 mm


  • Widened two material ergonomic handle, comfortable grip
  • Lower part of handle widened, against dropping

Product highlights

  •  Peen with straight edges, ideal for digging and scraping  trenches effectively
  • Lateral striking surfaces, for driving in worksite stakes etc.
  • Tool delivered fitted with handle, ready-to-use tool and enhanced view of tool on display

Safety recommendations

  • Fragments of stone or concrete can be dangerous, wear goggles, gloves and protective clothing.
Additional information

Certification GS

Models available
  • 051249 - purpose pick Nanovib (2.3kg) 1m oval socket sleeve handle PK245B
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