The brand
Design focused on the user

Design for Leborgne

Innovation at Leborgne is the combination of three types of design; design focused on the user, brand design and functional design.

Design focused on the user

Design focused on the user consists in placing the user at the centre of the design process. The R&D department meets users to find out about their needs and to identify their problems both for use and for ergonomics. A creative phase is followed by the construction of prototypes which are tested by users, then modified until a high level of user satisfaction is reached. When this is achieved the industrialisation of the product can start. 

This process at Leborgne was recognised by the European Design Association in 2012.

Brand design at Leborgne

Leborgne tools can be distinguished by their unique design:

  • A brand colour: yellow
    - Clear-cut lines for the working part of the tool, which also highlight the brand’s uncompromising attitude in terms of quality

  • Rounded shapes for  parts for holding to recall the notions of ergonomics and comfort of Leborgne tools

Design synonymous with an attractive tool

  • As well as being immediately recognisable Leborgne design has an aesthetic dimension which contributes to increased bonding by users to their tools. Proud to work with effective, innovative and attractive tools.

Functional design

During the creative phase new functionalities appear for the tool. Design enhances the unique features of the product. Thanks to design the new functionality is obvious, no need for an instruction manual.

Leborgne forerunner in product design for building tools

In the 2000’s Leborgne recruited a designer from the field of sport for leisure (where the design aspect had already  been predominant for years) to work on design for its products. This was a first in the field of building tools.

Product design is an integral part of the R & D department. For Leborgne technical requirements  and design necessarily go together : here the word « design » takes its first meaning again,  in the sense of « conception ».    

 Leborgne design has been rewarded by prestigious prizes 

  • Plumb line Metäspro : Gold medal in Batimat Design 2009

  • In 2011 Novavib   claw hammer  honoured by 3 awards :Red Dot Design, Star of the Observateur du Design and the Gold medal of Batimat Design

  • Bolt-cutter nominated in the category of innovation by Observateur du Design

  • 90cm anti-vibration handle : star of Observateur du Design 2015

  • Pincers : star of Observateur du Design 2016

  • Scraper : star of Observateur du Design 2017

These numerous and regular awards highlight Leborgne’s vision : a variety of innovative products which are easy to use and include extra functionalities.