Legal notices

Legal notices

The website www.leborgne.fr and the site www.leborgne.com are the property of the company LEBORGNE S.A.S. whose  headquarters are located :

PAE du Héron
183 impasses des peupliers
73110 Valgelon-La Rochette, France

Email : leborgne@leborgne.fr

S.A.S (public limited company) capital €4 000 000 - siret 847 964 517 00019 – 847 964 517 RCS Chambéry – VAT N° FR 81847964517

APE Code : 2573B

Director of publication : Florence HOCQ, General Director

Website creator : Le Crieur Public

Website host : OVH
2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France

Ecotaxe registration number : FR301712_14PSCS

1. Person in charge of personal data management


Marketing department

PAE du Héron, 183, impasse des Peupliers, 73110 La Rochette, France

2. Manager of personal data :


Marketing department

PAE du Héron, 183, impasse des Peupliers, 73110 La Rochette, France

3. Personal data file

Customer data file. A file contains data concerning LEBORGNE customer.

4. Use of personal data:

The analysis of personal data aims to respond to needs for the management of customers and prospective customers, administration, marketing and mail order as well as planning and development of the economic activity of LEBORGNE.

The data collecte dis used for commercial purposes, for the development of the economic activity of LEBORGNE.

The recording of personal data may take place during a purchase by direct sale or mail order. Customers can therefore take advantage of our promotional offers and receive offers from our commercial partners relating to personal information recorded in our database. This data is analysed and compared to other files in order to establish group profiles which may be used in our marketing and communication campaigns.

La data may also be extracted from other LEBORGNE customer files.

LEBORGNE may out-source data management to other service providers.

5. contents of personal data

The information relating to the following categories and the modification of data can be managed in the personal data file :

Information such as :

Name, date of birth, sex, language, email address, telephone number, addresses, profession, company name and contact details, marital status, size of household ,  user name…

Information relating to products such as :

Identification data relating to the use of LEBORGNE services, such as different  customer loyalty programmes, client number, user name et password, information relating to purchases, on-line presentation of products, date of creation of customer account, customer invoices, due dates and guarantees, customers centres of interest, recording of telephone calls to customer service, authorisation or refusal for direct marketing but also activities of persons concerned on the LEBORGNE internet page and mobile phone services, such as cookies sent by the browser and information received (for example IP address,) and data relating to LEBORGNE activity on social networks.

Data relating to offers, sales and certain communication campaigns

The services, benefits and campaigns provided and offered to customers, feedback and requests, evaluations relating to customers or our partner companies ; purchases made in shops, points of sale and on-line stores ; purchase date ; items purchased (product reference, price and total sale amount)

6. Source of data

The information is collected during the activities of our customers and our partners companies on our site. The information can be collected by cookies and other technical equivalents when persons concerned use LEBORGNE on-line services via data terminals. Moreover personal data can be collected by third parties within the limits laid down by law. Information can be collected databases of LEBORGNE.  Updated personal data come from organisations for regulations and companies dealing with updating public databases.

7. Extraction and transmission of data outside the European Union

LEBORGNE may give information within the limits of the legalisation in force. Data can be given for commercial purposes to partner companies,  unless the persons concerned refuse. The judicial administrator of information cannot give the information either.

8. Protection of personal data

Only LEBORGNE employees with authorisation in this domain have access to this database par the users’ individual rights granted by the controller. User accounts of different levels have been created according to the needs of each employee in the exercise of their functions. The system is protected by anti-virus software which protects personal data from any contact outside LEBORGNE.

Documents containing information filled in manually, customer data and data relating to partner companies are stored and protected by anti-virus software after they have been dealt with. Only LEBORGNE employees with authorisation in this domain have access to this manual information.

All members of LEBORGNE staff as well as LEBORGNE employees must respect the confidentiality of personal data collected.

9. Rights of persons concerned relating to personal data

The persons concerned may exercise their rights to information which concerns them.

Such a request must be made in writing and sent to the person in charge of collecting the data and addressed to the office of the manager of data management at the following address :

LEBORGNE, PAE du Héron, 183, impasse des Peupliers, 73110 La Rochette, France.

Persons concerned also have the right to refuse the management and extraction of their personal information for commercial purposes by making a request to the manager of personal data management. Finally, the persons concerned have the right to rectify and remove data which concerns them.