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Maintenance for garden tools

Maintenance for garden tools

As a gardener or worker in charge of gardening  in parks and gardens, there are numerous garden tools at your disposal  to cultivate and maintain green spaces by operations which respect  the environment:

· Shovels, pickaxes, rakes… for digging, clearing ground

· Spades, digging forks, draining spades… for sowing and digging over soil

· Trowels, small combined hoe and forks, small claws, bulb transplanters… for sowing and planting your vegetable garden

· Hoes, scrapers, 3-pronged combined hoe and forks, Dutch hoes… for weeding, breaking the hard surface of the ground

· Leaf rakes, lawn rakes ... for maintaining the lawn

· Scythes, hooks  and sickles .. for mowing, pruning and clearing scrub

· Splitting mauls, log-splitters, sledge hammers, wedges, axes, hatchets, woodcutters picks… for cutting and splitting wood

· Shovels, snow sledges  … for clearing snow

It is essential to maintain these tools correctly to keep them efficient and ensure long durability but also to ensure your safety as the user.

Here it should be pointed out that maintaining a good quality tool is always easier than maintaining a cheap  tool,  less reliable heat treatment  makes it more fragile and it tends to wear out more quickly.