Drain crowbar Nanovib

Drain crowbar Nanovib

For levering, moving loads, lifting stones, digging trenche

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Drain crowbar Nanovib Drain crowbar Nanovib Drain crowbar Nanovib Drain crowbar Nanovib

Prevention of risk of accident:

Prevention of risk of accident

  • Crowbar composed of 2 metal  49 cm ends each separated by an insulating centre part made of fiberglass (orange)
  • Polymer (yellow) bufffer prevents hand from contacting the metal part of the tool

Less weight 

  • 10% lighter compared to  traditional all-steel Miner's bar.

Information Nanovib insulated Miner's bar


  • 100% fibreglass handle of crowbar  garantees  leverage capacities up to 180 kg.
  • Working  parts made of  forged  steel : pointed end for digging and  flat end for leverage.
  • Flattened Surfaces for contact: greater stability of the tool when used as a lever for shifting  concrete pipes.


  • Fibreglass  tool handle with obling diametre : comfortable grip.

Safety recommendations

  • When working near  live electric or gas networks, consult the regulations in the guide of regulation applicable to work close to network -  booklet 2  
  • Wear goggles, gloves and protective clothing.
  • Never use near water or sources of  electricity
  • Check the tool  by looking it over before each use
  • Visual checks by a person who has been trained to carry out such checks once a year


  • Leverage Capacity  : 180 kg maximum.
  • To move heavier loads use two crowbars
  • Not more than one person for one heel bar.
  • Do not use  orange  fiberglass part as fulcrum when levering  .
  • Stock in a dry place, away from source of excessive heat  (heating pipes ...) and ultraviolet light.
  • Do not use this tool at temperatures below  -20°C or above  +70°C.
Models available
  • 133760 - nanovib® 160cm drain crowbar