Reaping hook

Reaping hook

Information Reaping hook

  • L. : 24 cm - Weight : 1 kg


  •  Forged and hardened steel for better resistance to wear and tear

Product highlights

  • Handle fitted with socket sleeve
  • Hook for parting branches

Safety recommendations

  • Paradoxically usiing a tool which cuts badly is dangerous because it takes twice as much energy  and fatigues the user rapidly : it is essential to  learn how  to sharpen a tool and do so regularly.
  • Use requires a calm attitude and common sense, standing in a position so that, if the blade slips or bounces off a log, it will not strike the user.
  • Wear goggles, gloves and  protective clothing
Models available
  • 253240 - sickle (1kg) 100%PEFC certified wooden handle
  • 253241 - sickle (1kg) without handle
Spare parts
  • 502230 - 100%PEFC straight wooden handle (130cm)