Batipro VRD scraper

Batipro VRD scraper

Stronger : Lame extra-hard blade folded and hardened, reinforced socket and widened mount.

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Batipro VRD scraper Batipro VRD scraper Batipro VRD scraper Batipro VRD scraper Batipro VRD scraper Batipro VRD scraper

Prevention of risks

Improves  posture

  • 180 cm handle longer than traditional handles on the market, lengthens reach and improves working position of the user.

Information  Batipro VRD  site scraper rake


  •  Extra-hard  hardened steel folded blade : better resistance to bending and wear and tear
  • Reinforced socket sleeve   : widened doubling plate, reinforced robustness compared to market standards ; greater length of handle, the handle is fitted deeply into the socket  sleeve and gives better resistance.

Product highlights

  •  Multi-purpose tool, both a  scraper and  site rake

Safety recommendation

  •  Never hit hardened steel with a club hammer (club hammer, sledgehammer, etc.), risk of metal splinters
  • The user and any person in the working area around the user must wear safety goggles  (spectacles are not effective protection from splinters) and suitable protective  clothing.
  • The owner must always give safety instructions when lending a tool to another person
  • Do not use a tool which shows cracks or metal edging  (in this case, remove with a grinder).
Models available
  • 143442 - scraper VRD Batipro (50cm) 100%PEFC certified wooden handle (180cm) SR442B
  • 143440 - scraper VRD Batipro (50cm) without handle SR440B
Spare parts
  • 514150 - 100%PEFC certified wooden handle (150cm)