Nanovib Heel bar

Nanovib Heel bar

75% lighter than traditional Heel bar

Nanovib Heel bar 1
Nanovib Heel bar 2
Nanovib Heel bar Nanovib Heel bar
- 60% Poids

Prevention of risk of accident

Lighter weight

  • The  Nanovib®heel bar is  3 times lighter than comparable steel tools, reduces risk of MSD for the back.

Information  Nanovib heel bar


  • High performance hardened Aluminium alloy handle garantees capacity for lifting loads, strength and rigidity  comparable to steel
  • Forged steel heel


  •  3 times lighter than traditional all-steel heel bars, gives new potential for use at heights, at  arm's length, easier to transport etc.
Additional information

Steel cutting capacity
9 HRC/HA = Ø 9 mm max
40 HRC = Ø 8 mm max

Tool awarded the Vinci innovation prize 2004
Certification GS

Models available
  • 146500 - Heel bar Nanovib (150cm; 3.24kg) BA650N
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