Metsäpro prop

Handier : automatic setting handle

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Metsäpro prop Metsäpro prop Metsäpro prop Metsäpro prop

Information Metsäpro prop

Product highlights

  • For setting upper part wood-framed walls full or empty
  • Telescopic prop  (2.3 m - 3 m) rapid and precise : rapid adjustment by notches every  10 cm ; precise micrometric setting by screw .
Additional information

"Handy, unlike systems using a pin, the handle cannot be lost.

Designed in partnership with Wood houses tool design (Maisons Bois Outils Concept) (under the care of Comité National pour le Développement du Bois), these patented tools specially designed for wood-frame house construction, improve working conditions in terms of safety, ergonomics and functionality. "