Gardening advice
Storing garden tools

Storing garden tools

How to store for your safety and for the safety of those around you

A useful reminder of three recommendations

· Place your tools out of the reach of children

· Use the guards provided for blades and sharp pointed parts

· Store tools on a flat surface and avoid storing at a height ( some tools may roll over and fall)

How to store your tools so that you can enjoy using them as long as possible

· Never leave your tools in direct sunlight or in the rain

· Clean your tools every time you finish using them

· Remove soil, grass stuck on the tool or residues of concrete and dry your tools with a soft cloth

· If necessary remove rust with a metal brush

· Store your tools in a dry, airy place

· Before storing tools for a prolonged period, oil metal parts

· Always take advantage of this opportunity to check your tools for cracks, loose screws, wear and tear,  impacts or damage which could make the tool inefficient or dangerous.

Tip : remember to soak the socket of your tools with wooden handles in a bucket of water for at least 24 hours before using them for the first time, so that the wooden handle expands and fits into the iron head perfectly.