Nanovib hammer holder

Nanovib hammer holder

Drop proof : Its 45° angle stops the hammer from falling when user crouches

Nanovib hammer holder 1
Nanovib hammer holder 2
Nanovib hammer holder Nanovib hammer holder

Prevention of risk of accident

Profiled to prevent dropping  (storage angle : 10°) :

  • Stops the hammer from dropping when user crouches,
  • The end of the handle does not knock the back of the user's leg

Prevention of risk of cuts

  • Flush fit handle socket sleeve, protects the end of the handle from mis-hits.

Information Nanovib hammer holder

Product highlights

  • Systemetrical profile for right-handed or left-handed use
  • Universel hammer holder, adapts to all types of hammer
  • 100% graphite unbreakable pencil included
  • Polymer knock-proof material, on the work site, does not bruise hip when knocked.
Additional information

Practical, a 100% graphite unbreakable pencil that does not need to be cut is included in the hammer holder
Tool developed with the National Committee for the Development of Wood

Étoile de l'Observeur du Design 2012.
Reddot Design Award 2013.

Models available
  • 494110 - Nanovib hammer holder BP110N