Batipro claw hammer

Batipro claw hammer

Stronger : steel protection against mis-hits

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Batipro claw hammer Batipro claw hammer Batipro claw hammer Batipro claw hammer Batipro claw hammer Batipro claw hammer

Prevention of risk of accident

Rounded claws and striking surfaces edges :

Prevention  of risk  of cuts.
Novamax® three material high resistance handle , with steel mis-hit guard, protects against risk of injury caused by head of the tool hitting the user or people in the vicinity if the handle breaks.
Flush socket sleeve  fitting, protects the end  of the handle from breaking due to mis-hits.

Information Batipro claw hammer  


- Forged and tempered  carbon steel


- Novamax® ergonomic handle

Product highlights

- Magnetic nail-holder, for one-handed hammering without holding the nail
- Lateral striking surfaces for working in confined spaces

Safety recommendations

- Wear goggles, gloves and protective clothing
- The main risk for these tools is projection of metal splinters from the tool or from the object which is struck.
- The metal splinter may be due to a defect in metal, simple wear and tear or incorrect use.
- It is strictly forbidden to hit two striking surfaces together, the risk of splintering is real and serious.

Additional information

Hammer developed in collaboration with the security managers of large companies in the building industry

Models available
  • 100016 - Claw hammer Batipro three material ergonomic Novamax handle
Spare parts
  • 531370 - three material novagrip handle (370mm)