Batipro purpose pick

Handier : straight edged peen and lateral striking surfaces

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Batipro purpose pick Batipro purpose pick Batipro purpose pick Batipro purpose pick

Prevention of risks

Prevention of risks  of accident

Novamax® three material handle  high resistance :

  •  prevents risks of user falling due to loss of balance caused by handle breaking
  • prevents risks of injuries which may be caused by the head of the tool hitting the user or those around if the handle breaks.

Information Batipro purpose pick


  • Extra-hard cruciform tip, steel hardened to the core during heat treatment
  • High resistance hardened steel to  100 mm

Ergonomic design

  • Novamax® ergonomic handle

Product highlights

  • Peen with straight edges, ideal for digging and scraping trenches effectively
  • Lateral striking surface, for driving in stakes on worksite, etc.
  • Tool  delivered with handle fitted,  ready-to-use and and enhanced view of tool on display
  • Hole for hanging up, easy presentation on shop display
  • Oval socket sleeve,  removes all risk of separating handle and head

Safety recommendations

  • Fragments of stone or concrete can be dangerous : wear goggles, gloves and protective clothing.
Models available
  • 051245 - purposepick Batipro(2.3kg) oval socket sleeve three material Novamax ergonomic handle (1m)PK245B
Spare parts
  • 531108 - three material novagrip handle (1m) for pick with oval socket sleeve (50x32mm)
  • 531900 - three material novagrip handle (260mm)