Safe-T wedge

Safe-T wedge

Sécuri-T technology prevents risk of metal splinters and reduces vibration

Safe-T wedge 1
Safe-T wedge 2
Safe-T wedge 3
Safe-T wedge Safe-T wedge Safe-T wedge

Information Safe-T  wedge

  • Weight : 2,3 kg


  • Forged and hardened steel 36-42 HRC : resists wear and tear
  • Very hard-wearing polymer striking surface with replaceable metal ring

Ergonomic design

  • Reduces risk of musculo-skeletal disorders : attenuates vibration when striking

Special featurs

  • No risk of splinters  : no maintenance against edging required
  • Spiral shape of wedge : makes splitting easier
  • Bright green paint,  so the wedge is not lost when  working in the forest
Models available
  • 238051 - Safe-T splitting wedge (2.3kg) hardened forged steel
Spare parts
  • 896140 - replacement polymer striking surface