Nanovib club hammer

Nanovib club hammer

45% less vibration thanks to Nanovib patented system

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Nanovib club hammer Nanovib club hammer Nanovib club hammer Nanovib club hammer
- 45%

Prevent risk of accident:

Reduction of vibration

Nanovib® handle, absorbs  vibration, reduces  MSD (Musculo-Skeletal Disorders)
The  Nanovib® club hammer obtains a Exposure of Vibrations Threshold measurement of less than 2.5 m/s².

Prevention of risks of accident

The Nanovib® three material fiberglass heavy duty handle, guards against the risk of handle breaking due to mis-hits
Flush socket sleeve handle fitting, protects handle end against the risk of breaking due to mis-hits.

Information Nanovib club hammer


Forged, hardened and tempered carbon steel


Widened three-material ergonomic handle, comfortable grip
2 position ergonomic handle, close to tool head for precise strikes and at end of handle for powerful strikes,
End of handle widened, reduces risks of dropping the  tool.

Product highlights

3 surface Pro club hammer  for 3 uses :
hammering, a domed  surface for striking pins,  chisels, prop nuts,
scraping, two sharp hardened edges for scraping overhangs from walls after striking and forming panels,
cutting, really sharp edges for cutting stone,  breezeblocks etc.

Safety recommendations

The main risk for these tools is projection of metal splinters from the tool or from the object which is struck.
The metal splinter may be due to a defect in metal, simple wear and tear or incorrect use.
The striking surfaces of club hammers and sledgehammers have been given heat treatment which gives them high resistance knocks, but it is strictly forbidden to hit two striking surfaces together, the risk of splintering is real and serioius.
Never strike directly with the club hammer on the striking surface  of the sledge hammer
Wear goggles, gloves and protective clothing.

Additional information

Cutting capacity
Soft wire Ø 4 mm max. semi-soft wire Ø 3,8 mm max. hard wire Ø 3 mm max. Piano wire Ø 2,5 mm max.

Models available
  • 123309 - Club hammer Nanovib (1.2kg) three material handle (260mm) CH120 N