Batipro self-sharpening chisels

Batipro self-sharpening chisels

Handy : self-sharpening cruciform tip

Batipro self-sharpening chisels 1
Batipro self-sharpening chisels 2
Batipro self-sharpening chisels Batipro self-sharpening chisels

Prevention of risks

Prevention of risk of accident

  • Large diameter reinforced head, delays appearance of metal edging  and reduces the risk of metal splinters
  • Strike guard protection to prevent hand injuries
  • Octogonal strike guard collar, prevent the risk of the tool falling during work at heights.

Information Self-sharpening Batipro pointed chisel


  • Special silicium steel, hardened and tempered
  • True cruciform section, will be effective longer than ordinary octogonal shaped chisels:  the steel is hardened to the core by heat treatment, better resistance, self-sharpening, regular wear of tip, it is not necessary to sharpen tool after each use.

Safety recommendations

  • In preference, choose tools with a hand guard. In the absence of a  hand guard, use a hammer or club hammer with carefully rounded corners and edges to avoid cutting your hand due to a mis-hit.
  • The head of the chisel will show edging from repeated strikes of the hammer and soon sharp metal burrs will appear, which must be removed regularly. This situation is normal because the chisel head is not hardened too much in order to avoid causing metal splinters.   
  • Never use a chisel made from a piece of hardened steel destined for other use (torsion bar from car suspension for example) : in this case, you will strike a highly  hardened head with an equally highly hardened hammer and there will be a serious  risk of creating metal splinters.
  • Fragments of stone and concrete can also be dangerous for the worker and those around.
  • Wear goggles, gloves and protective clothing.


Models available
  • 132302L - Chisel Batipro (300mm) self-sharpening with mis-hit guard SC232B
  • 132250L - Chisel Batipro (250mm) self-sharpening SC130B
  • 132300L - Chisel Batipro (300mm) self-sharpening SC230B
  • 132350L - Chisel Batipro (350mm) self-sharpening SC235B
  • 132400L - Chisel Batipro (400mm) self-sharpening