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How to prevent the risk of splitting firewood without effort ?

How to prevent the risk of splitting firewood without effort ?

Firewood for heating, yes, but without breaking your back !

Splitting wood is a task you can’t get away from if you want to really enjoy a good fire in your hearth. There are numerous advantages: logs dry better, logs catch fire more readily, combustion is better and produces less soot to clog up the chimney.

However, log-splitting requires a certain amount of physical effort, and if you do not have the right tool, the task may be long and hard.

How to split firewood without any  physical effort ?

Those tools traditionally used  for wood-splitting:  the splitting maul, the sledgehammer and the wedge require real physical effort. They demand strength and precision which makes the work long and tiring. What’s more it can be dangerous due to projections of metal splinters when they are not used correctly and given regular maintenance.

Leborgne log-splitter : lighter, more precise and less dangerous, it makes cutting wood accessible to everyone

Thanks to its operating system, which consists of sliding two tubes on a wedge placed on the log needing splitting, the Leborgne log-splitter offers an ideal position for working : the back is always perfectly straight.

Furthermore by lifting only the upper part and sliding it in the lower tube to strike the wedge, the user does not need to lift the whole tool, which you must do when using a maul.

This system also gives unrivalled precision to the impact because the wedge remains in contact with the log throughout the cutting operation. This mechanism eliminates the traditional mis-hits, familiar to those who use mauls with the resulting painful knocks to the forearm.

The final advantage of the sliding system is that it removes all risk of metal splinters as the wedge is struck inside the tube and prevents all risk of projections.

A real alternative to traditional woodsplitting with a maul, the Leborgne log-splitter enables women, older people and beginners to cut wood easily.

Another advantage of the Leborgne log-splitter

The tool is fitted with a pin for carrying and storing it safely and an elastomer rimmed handle which prevents catching fingers and at the same time attenuates vibrations.

Where to fing the Leborgne log-splitter

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